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What are Engineered Rock products made from?

  • Probably one of the most asked questions we receive; our products are made with a polyurea/polyurethane combination, not fiberglass. The outside skin is a high density polyurea (similar to rhino liner); it’s a 2 part system that mixes together creating the skin that becomes totally inert. Most of our items have this part; this is the skin for our pool and pond products and our “AQUA” products consist solely of this, we use real rocks to weigh them down. We also use polyurethane foam, this is the supporting aspect of our products, it is what keeps the shape and provides structural support to hold peoples weight for our pool and pond products, our “FOAM” products are made entirely of this material, but at a much higher density than normal; as a result these products are more brittle, but have a much reduced cost. Not all products are available in FOAM only. For more info on material options please click here.

How are they colored?

  • We use a special blend of oxides, sands and crushed rock in the process of coloring our rocks; we don’t use any paints in our process. All of our rocks are hand colored and all of our colors are hand mixed, so colors will vary, while we strive to keep all of our products matching, we cannot guarantee that the rocks we make this week will match 100% to the rocks next week. It is also very hard to show colors depending on the camera it was taken with and the screen you are viewing it on.

Will Engineered Rock products stand up to my hot summers/cold winters?

  • Another common question we get all the time, and the short answer is, yes! They will. We have had our rock products in extreme conditions throughout Australia, USA and Canada; both hot and cold, and they have shown little to no signs of Deterioration or weather erosion from ice or snow.

How much do these Fake rocks weigh?

  • The combination of our polyurea/polyurethane mix gives you the entire look and feel of real rock but at a fraction of the weight.

If these rocks are so light won’t they blow away?

  • This is again one of the most commonly asked questions and has not been an issue once our products have been installed with soil and mulch typically around the base of the product, stopping wind from getting underneath it. If this still concerns you, you can simply put one or more wooden steaks into the ground, place the products over the top of it and screw through the product into the steak to secure it.

Won’t they break easily for being so light?

  • The outside polyurea skin is extremely tough; it can’t be scratched or chipped, so you don’t have to worry about your weed eater damaging the rock. The polyurethane foam is what gives our rocks their structural strength, with most rocks being able to support more than 200lbs!

How long will it take to get my order once it is placed?

  • We allow 18-26 business days before you receive your item(s) after the date it was placed, although we generally make it well before that. We need at least 24 – 48 hrs. after the products were made to give it time to cure. In some rare cases we have exceeded this time frame due to hiccups in the manufacture process or cold weather conditions, but we always do our best to ship everything in a timely manner.

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Do these products have a Warranty?

  • Our warranty information can be found here.
  • issues before the driver leaves this insures damaged items are replaced in a timely manner. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON FREIGHT THAT IS EXCEPTED.)

FOR CUSTOM ITEMS – Custom items of any sort cannot be returned or exchanged for ANY reason. We specifically made these items for you and your specific use.