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$550.00 LG PUMP


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Waterfalls can be powered a few different ways.

 #1. If you already have an existing return line (pipe sticking out of your pool deck near intended waterfall location) you can connect to that.

#2. If you have a sidewall jet near the intended location it may produce enough water flow for small to medium waterfalls. (ask for details)

#3. You can install a Tee in your existing pool pump’s plumbing and run an additional supply line over to the waterfall location.

 #4. EXTERNAL PUMP – You can add to your order an independent pump kit and locate it near the waterfall. It will have plumbing with a screened inlet to draw water from your pool (under the waterfall) and then return the water through the waterfall’s outlet. This will require a power source within 15’ of the pumps location to connect to the pumps power cord. The low energy pumps can run via a proper sized extension cord that is connected to an exterior outlet with GFCI protection.  The pump is external and DOES NOT sit in the pool.