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As a koi pond builder for 20 years using natural (real) stone, I certainly had reservations about using “faux” stone. What got my attention was the ease this Engineered Rock Swimming Pool Waterfalls integrated to a pool deck. These are my top benefits for using Engineered Rock to create a swimming pool waterfall.

#1. Engineered Rock doesn’t leak and you don’t have to use any additional waterproofing material when installing. The Polyurea exterior material combined with high density Polyethylene foam creates a product that simply doesn’t leak. Once your pipe is secure/welded to the encapsulated pvc fitting(s) using primer & glue, they simply do not leak. 10 years later, they don’t leak. 20 years later, they don’t leak. This is an absolute game changer for water feature building. So many features leak post construction. This design and leak proof feature cannot be overstated.

Easy to Install

Easy to Install

#2. Engineered Rock is ridiculously light. There can be a perception that a lighter product is a lessor product compared to a heavier product. Well, it isn’t in this case, just like carbon fiber and Kevlar are not inferior products. It’s simply technology. Beautifully realistic molded pieces of natural stone that weighed 1000 lbs. and now weigh 40 lbs. is another incomparable game changer. Transporting from factory to distribution center to job site, through limited access points and never needing equipment to move is a huge benefit. This allows do-it-yourselfers and contractors to execute substantial size water features that were never possible before. It also allows you to build on a pool deck that was not reinforced to support a typical 1500 – 8000+ lb. structure, again a game changer.

Size and components

American Falls CAD drawing

#3. Engineered Rock is realistic and durable as hell. Molded from natural boulders, they can’t help but look realistic. When you see them in person the question of realism is answered. The base color of brown or grey is 100% through and through the polyurea material. The oxides used for additional coloring variations are melted into the polyurea as it’s sprayed in the mold. It doesn’t fade or change like stained or painted concrete. The proof is in the 25 year old installed product that still looks great. Engineered rock has proven itself from Australian intense sun to Canadian ice encasing the product for months. We also demonstrate durability by spraying it with a 5000 psi pressure washer within inches of it’s surface, as well as whacking it with a hammer. Engineered Rock is unquestionably durable.

Woman enjoying her Engineered Rock Waterfall

Permanent, but not permanent

#4. Engineered Rock is permanent, but not permanent. In most cases a waterfall would stay where it was installed until it was demolished for removal. Engineered Rock can stay in one location for decades, or if you need to alter your area for some reason, it can easily be un-installed and repurposed or re-installed. I never really thought of this benefit until I worked with this product. Pool decks get renovated, your taste or a new homeowner’s taste may change, you may want to set up a display to stage a property or a tradeshow/showroom/ restaurant environment. Engineered Rock allows you this flexibility. Check out our Installation Video!

#5. Engineered Rock’s quick installation & value. I was once told “The price is only part of what you pay”. The overall experience including the extra details/intangibles required have a certain cost. Hiring a contractor to build you a “custom water feature” typically means you get to live with them during the experience. 1, 2, 4, 7, 12 days? How many jobs that were supposed to be done in a couple days ended up taking quite a bit longer. I think most of us have experienced this “intangible cost” and all the frustrations associated. Engineered Rock typically installs in ½ day, maybe an entire day. That’s good for the end user and the contractor. Engineered Rock also looks exactly like what you thought it would, unlike some custom project’s final result. Another price you may pay when having a one-off custom water feature is when the permanent structure starts to leak 6 -24 months later. Another intangible that we can all live without.

Don’t get me wrong, there are certain projects where natural stone, or a cement faux stone would be better to use. However, the fact is for the vast majority of projects Engineered Rock simply has far more benefits and value over those alternatives.

One of the biggest challenges for any water feature is water proofing and building to prevent long term leaking. When building pool waterfalls using natural or “real” stone, and for the matter concrete faux stone waterfalls mortar is typically used to seal between material and prevent water from escaping. Besure and check out our parent company waterfeaturepros.com .

We are veteran owned and 100% dedicated to our customers satisfaction. We extend our 24 yrs. of hands-on experience installing and maintaining water features to our customers ensuring they have a positive and successful experience & outcome.

We appreciate the opportunity to be part of your property beautification and look forward to discussing your project and the potential of our products with you.


George B. Davis
President- Water Feature Pros.